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Trạm khí tượng tự động WeatherMaster 1600

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The WeatherMaster 1600 is a compact, robust, automatic weather station. It consists of four inbuilt electronic weather sensors, Windows software, data logger, solar panel, battery and powder-coated stand. Each sensor continuously sends information to the data logger, which processes and stores the data in its memory. The data is then available for collection and analysis using a personal computer. Additional hardware and software options are also available.

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    Air Temperature:-15.0°C to + 60.0°C
    Accuracy +/- 0.2°C at 25°C
    Resolution 0.1 °C
    Relative Humidity:Electronic capacitance type
    Accuracy +/- 3% for 0-90%;
    +/- 4% for 90-100%
    Range 0-100%. Resolution 0.1%
    Wind Speed: 3 Cup 66mm Anemometer
    Rating:- 70m/sec
    Resolution 0.1 kph
    Starting threshold 1 kph
    Wind Direction: Hall Effect Sensing
    Resolution 2 degrees
    Accuracy +/- 2 degrees
    Active range 0 – 359 degrees
    Extra Sensors (Optional – one only):
    Barometric pressure, leaf wetness, soil temperature, grass temperature, or any of the above as an additional sensor (excluding Rainfall). Interfaces for voltage, current, resistance available on request. Data Recorder
    Data stored into 3 independent memory areas. 104K
    battery backed RAM - stores a total of 29,000 data
    Readings ( plus date and time stamps).
    System Indicator
    • 1 Second flash - Communicating
    • 2 Second flash - Normal
    • 4 Second flash - Sensor out of range,program fault
    or flat battery
    6 volt 3.0AH internal sealed rechargeable gel cell -
    capacity for 6 weeks’ operation without sunlight.
    Power Consumption
    5 mA in operating mode. 50mA while communicating.
    1mA shutdown mode.
    Solar Charger
    1.1 watt panel - maintains battery with one hours’
    bright sunshine per day.
    Complete system is 7 kg (excluding mounting pole)
    Lightning Protection
    Software failure as a result of nearby lightning strike initiates an automatic circuit ‘watch dog’ to restart the logger within a minute, ensuring data storage is uninterrupted.
    Delivered with standard schedule loaded so that it operates immediately. At any time you can select alternative schedules (supplied on CD) or create your own.
    Windows EasiAccess software included in the WM16 package. EasiAccess (EA40) contains weather station management functions, database and full reporting and graphing options. EasiAccess Software operates on 486 and above operating Windows 98, 2000 & XP. Pentium preferred.
    RS232 Connection
    6 pin (serial RS232C standard). DTR, DSR, TX, RX,
    ground & power. 300 to 9600 Baud

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