Weather Station AWS

  17/03/2017    Lượt xem : 2060

A rugged self-contained station suited for use in remote places without electricity supply. Data can be recorded on site or be transmitted in real-time.


  22/03/2017    Lượt xem : 2673

Weather Maestro Weather Station Data Logger Environdata is proud to introduce a new generation of weather station technology, our Weather Maestro data loggers designed specifically for recording environmental conditions.

WeatherMaster 2000

  22/03/2017    Lượt xem : 3615

Thanks to its innovative integrated design, the WeatherMaster 2000 is easy to carry tosite, easy to set up, and willoperateimmediately.The system is solar powered and self-contained,so that it can be sited almost anywhere. There are no electrical connections to be madeandminimal mechanical assembly.Just mounton the postprovided,switch it on, set north and your environmental monitoring will commence.

WeatherMaster 1600

  22/03/2017    Lượt xem : 2904

The WeatherMaster 1600 is a compact, robust, automatic weather station. It consists of four inbuilt electronic weather sensors, Windows software, data logger, solar panel, battery and powder-coated stand. Each sensor continuously sends information to the data logger, which processes and stores the data in its memory. The data is then available for collection and analysis using a personal computer. Additional hardware and software options are also available.

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