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Trạm khí tượng tự động DW30_WeatherMate3000

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Weather Maestro Weather Station Data Logger Environdata is proud to introduce a new generation of weather station technology, our Weather Maestro data loggers designed specifically for recording environmental conditions.

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  • Nhà Sản Xuât

    • Robust design & construction
    • Easy to assemble, easy to use
    • Powerful on-board processor
    • Low power, ideal for remote siting
    • Full instructions & Manufacturer’s support
    • 6, 10 or 16 channel versions
    • Current readings, 10 minute, hourly and daily weather data logged in independent memory areas (or customised schedule)
    • Extensive 8 Mb on-board flash memory (Non – volatile) Around 1,000,000 sets of readings with individual date and time stamp.
    • Ideal system for meeting Australian Standards and EPA requirements
    • Australian Made
    Designed to survive in harsh conditions, your Weather Maestro will provide reliable, accurate weather recording from the Simpson Desert to the Himalayas.
    On-board data processing, calculations and remote telemetry options give you the weather data you need; when, how and where you want it.
    Communication and Remote Monitoring
    All models feature a serial connection for on-site downloading of logged data to a laptop. Various telemetry options are also available:
    • GSM, Next G & telephone line modems
    • UHF & VHF Radio Links
    • Direct cable, MODBUS, Ethernet & Internet
    Weather Sensors
    Environdata manufactures a wide range of high quality weather sensors including:
    • Air Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction

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