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The GER 3700 is supplied in a sturdy, weather-tight field case, with batteries, battery charger and cables. System components can also be easily carried in a lightweight backpack. The GER 3700 system offers the user the greatest possible ease of operation for hand-held, backpack or tripod operation. Simple menu-driven programs control the set-up, acquisition, and data manipulation functions, allowing the user to be effective within one hour of introduction to the instrument. Generated data are displayed on screen in real-time for immediate interpretation and evaluation. Data is stored in ASCII format for easy transfer to other software programs. Our technical team is ready to assist in evaluating your requirements to determine the best instrument for your specific application, whether it be in a remote sensing, agricultural, or related field.

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  • Spectra Vista Corporation


    Spectral Range 350 nm to 2500 nm
    Channels 704
    Detectors 512 Si Array 
    128 PbS Array
    64 PbS Array
    Bandwidth Sampling/
    FWHM & Spectral Region 
    1.5 nm/3.2 nm @ 700 nm 
    6.5 nm/13 nm @ 1600 nm 
    9.5 nm/128 nm@ 2100 nm
    Integration Time 50 ms and up (selectable)
    FOV 3° standard, 10° option
    25° option with fiber optic
    Head Size 320 mm x 335 mm x 114 mm
    12.5" x 13.75" x 4.5"
    Weight 6.3 kg, 13.8 lbs.
    Battery Type (1) 12 V GelCel
    Battery Life 4 hours
    Digitization 16 bit
    Wavelength Repeatability +0.1 nm
    Noise Equivalent Radiance
    1.0 s integration time
    700 nm: 1.6 x 10-9W · cm-2 ·nm-1· sr-1
    1500 nm: 1.1 x 10-8 W · cm-2 ·nm-1 · sr-1
    2200 nm: 1.1 x 10-8 W · cm-2 ·nm-1 · sr-1
    Maximum Radiance Levels
    13 ms integration time
    700 nm: 1.5 x 10-4W · cm-2 ·nm-1· sr-1
    Radiometric Calibration Accurancy
    (Traceable to NIST)
    400nm : ± 5%
    700nm : ±5%
    1000nm : ± 5%
    2200nm : ± 7%
    Dark Current Correction
    Spectrum Averaging selectable
    Humidity 10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    Temperature -10° to 50°C
    Sighting Laser

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