Field Portable Spectroradiometers GER 3700

  16/03/2017    Lượt xem : 6555

The GER 3700 is supplied in a sturdy, weather-tight field case, with batteries, battery charger and cables. System components can also be easily carried in a lightweight backpack. The GER 3700 system offers the user the greatest possible ease of operation for hand-held, backpack or tripod operation. Simple menu-driven programs control the set-up, acquisition, and data manipulation functions, allowing the user to be effective within one hour of introduction to the instrument. Generated data are displayed on screen in real-time for immediate interpretation and evaluation. Data is stored in ASCII format for easy transfer to other software programs. Our technical team is ready to assist in evaluating your requirements to determine the best instrument for your specific application, whether it be in a remote sensing, agricultural, or related field.

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