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The BlackBox data converter outputs SDI-12 / Modbus signals for product integration

Product code : 1489645162

The AquaPlus and AP-2000 probes only out put our proprietary standard signal. This means you cannot connect them to a third party logger directly. This is where the BlackBox comes in. The BlackBox converts the signals from our probes into industry standard signals such as SDI-12 and Modbus.

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  • Aquaread Ltd.

    BlackBox as a kind of interpreter, you can connect the your probe to a wide range of third-party logging and telemetry equipment. This option facilitates direct replacement of existing probes made by other manufacturers.

    Technical Specification

    Input Voltage 8V – 14V DC
    Input Current  (awake)28mA (AP-100 – AP-2000 attached) 70mA (AP-5000 or AP-7000 attached)
    Input Current  (asleep) < 100µA (includes current drawn by attached Probe)
    Protection Class IP67 (must not be submerged due to barometric pressure sensor)
    Dimensions  140mm x 65mm x 30mm (5.5” x 2.6” x 1.2”)
    Weight 400g (14oz)
    Connections Probe socket on flying lead & 1M screened power/data cable
    Fixing Aluminium flange with four 5mm (3/16”) mounting holes
    Digital Interface User selectable between SDI-12 and Modbus (RS485)

    Update rate All data is refreshed every 2 seconds

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