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Flame Photometer

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BWB XP Một máy quang kế ngọn lửa có 5 kênh tín hiệu đồng thời Li - Na - K - Ca - Ba BWB-XP là máy quang kế ngọn lửa đầu tiên và duy nhất có 5 kênh phát hiện đồng thời và hiển thị đủ cả 5 yếu tố. Là loại máy chất lượng tốt và hiệu suất cao, sản phẩm BWB XP cung cấp công nghệ hiện đại tăng tính chính xác và ổn định đồng thời giảm thiểu thời gian phân tích một cách đáng kể. BWB-XP – cải tiến lớn nhất trong lịch sử 30 năm máy quang kế ngọn lửa!

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    The BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. A high quality and high performance instrument, the BWB XP employs modern technology to improve both accuracy and stability while significantly reducing analysis time. The BWB XP - IS the greatest advance in flame photometry for 30 years!

    Huge increases in laboratory efficiency

    As the BWB XP is the first and only flame photometer to offer simultaneous detection and display of all five elements, our customers do not need to waste valuable time changing filters and re-calibrating when a different measurement is required. New modern technology offers increased accuracy and reliability The BWB XP was designed from the ground up, using new, innovative and modern technology to give unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability. With clean lines and contemporary bright colour schemes, the XP looks exceptionally modern and will fit into any laboratory. The instrument has large LCD displays which can be easily viewed from any angle. Computer connectivity as standard! The BWB XP has been configured to easily satisfy the most sophisticated IT requirements. The FP-PC software package, included with every purchase, has been written with GLP compliance in mind and facilitates the creation of data and reports in PDF format.

    Ease of use

    With exceptional ease of use, a clear liquid backlit crystal display guides users through an analysis using simple menu options. The display, used in conjunction with a comprehensive membrane switch panel ensures that accurate and reliable results can be obtained with minimal training. Modern businesses may experience a large turnover of staff and laboratory managers will appreciate the comprehensive training DVD supplied with every BWB flame photometer.

    Just add gas!

    Another area where BWB have revolutionised the flame photometry market is by offering an instrument with all accessories supplied as standard. This means that the process of ordering a BWB flame photometer is incredibly simple. There are no complex product codes, accessory lists or ordering requirements. When you order a BWB XP flame photometer it

    BWB customers rely on our instrumentation, that may run throughout the day processing tens or even hundreds of samples. Until now this operation has been a manual process and requires an operator present to introduce each sample.  Many organisations are striving for greater efficiency and automation of their laboratory processes and in response BWB have a solution. The new Automatic Fluid Handling Systems which for the first time offers fast, reliable and effective automation of the flame photometry process.

    New “Auto Read” Technology is the foundation for automation

    The goal of any automated system is to perform tasks accurately, reliably and autonomously without the need for human intervention.  The first step’s in the development of the AFHS was introduction of a brand new technology.  “Auto-read” was introduced as a standard feature on the 2012 revision of BWB’s popular flame photometers.   This innovation now allows the instrument to make exact determinations and intelligent decisions which effectively removes human error from the determination of a stable reading.   The intelligent decision making capabilities of “Auto Read” is the foundation for the a range of accessories which will allow the instrument to process samples and generate results automatically.

    Printer Available now

    The BWB Printer option provides automatic printing of results from your BWB flame photometer. This thermal devices is integrated within the case and sits on top of the flame photometer for easy access.  It uses standard paper available at most office supply stores and it’s operation is selectable within the new flame photometer menu option


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