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Hệ thống X-quang CR MULTIX SWING

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Multix Swing is a compact, cost-efficient radiography workplace based on a cassette catapult bucky. The simple-to-use system minimizes training time, allows efficient workflow and speeds up your patient throughput. Compact, reliable, easy-to-use solution with broad applications spectrum Ideally suited for the complete range of routine examinations Providing a high degree of flexibility, even in a small room Table integrated generator enables space-saving

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    Technical Specifications


    Multix Swing consists of a patient table with floating tabletop, a catapult Bucky and an integrated tube support with tube assembly and collimator. It is prepared for use with film-cassette or phosphor storage acquisition systems.

    The floating tabletop provides transverse movements of ± 12 cm and longitudinal movements of -60 cm to +50 cm with a fixed table height of 75 cm. Obese patients are imaged with ease, with a high table weight capacity of up to 450 kg (1,000 Ibs).

    The tube assembly stand is integrated into the system with tube assembly and collimator for vertical, oblique, horizontal and lateral acquisitions. The high-frequency X-ray generator Polydoros ITS works with multi-pulse waveform. This enables high data accuracy, precise reproducibility, and short exposure times. The generator is integrated into the table base for room space saving.

    The combination with the optional Bucky wall stand broadens the wide application spectrum of the Multix Swing. The catapult Bucky is equipped with an oscillating grid for high image quality and provides height adjustment for convenient system handling.



    Multix Swing offers high quality for limited budgets. The high quality system from Siemens offers good value with its feature-rich operations and wide clinical imaging applications.

    The integration of its generator into the table requires minimal room space and also facilitates and accelerates the installation. Therefore the system is specifically designed to provide a high degree of flexibility even in small rooms.

    Multix Swing is a cost-efficient, all-in-one X-ray room solution – one with the potential to bring new momentum into your daily medical imaging business.


    Thanks to its ergonomic design and operator friendly controls, the system is very easy to use. Multix Swing minimizes training efforts and keeps your patient throughput flowing.
    Patients up to 190 cm (75 inches) in body height can be imaged from head to toe without repositioning. The high table weight capacity of up to 450 kg allows convenient patient positioning for patients of all sizes. 
    The cassette tray with single-handed operation is suitable for right-hand or left-hand loading with cassette centering to optimize image quality. The tube can be rotated for cross-table exposures while chest radiography can be easily performed on a Bucky wall stand



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