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Digital Sound Level Mete Model 14

Product code : 1489560180

Advanced performance ensures that both models meet or exceed IEC 60942 accuracy requirements Ergonomic and robust design Auto correction for temperature and barometric pressure Auto switch-off in normal mode and ‘permanent-on’ mode available Low battery indicator 94dB Sound Pressure Level Fits 1/2 inch international standard microphones 1/4 inch microphone adapter available

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  • Pulsar Instruments Plc

    The Models 105 & 106 are part of the NEW generation of Pulsar Instruments
    acoustic calibrators that allow you to quickly check the accuracy of your sound
    level meter or dosemeter thus complying with International regulations and codes of practice.
    Great care has been taken during the design process to ensure that the units are comfor table to hold, robust and easy to
    use, whilst performing accurately throughout a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions.
    In use they fit over the microphone of the instrument and produce a stable 1kHz tone at 94dB, the frequency and sound
    level repectively, as mandated by the standard.
    The Model 105 meets the precision of Class 1 of IEC 60942, while the lower cost Model 106 meets industrial Class 2.
    The calibrators are powered by an easy to access single 9 volt battery giving many months or even years of operation. An
    automatic shut-off circuit ensures power conservation should you forget to switch the unit off after calibrating.
    Both units fully meet the requirements of IEC 60942, the Model 106 at Class 2 level, and the Model 105 at Class 1 level. The IEC
    60942 reference conditions are 25ºC, 101.3kPa pressure and 65% RH.
    EU CE classes EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1 & EN 61010-1
    Pollution category Por table equipment (2)
    Sound Pressure 94dB that is a pressure of 1Pascal
    Pressure tolerance Model 105  0.2 dB : Model 106  0.4dB
    Frequency 1kHz (1000 cps) +/- 0.2%
    Distor tion <1% THD
    Microphone diameter Nominal half inch to IEC 1094-4
    Quarter inch adapter also available
    Batter y One 9 volt, IEC type 6F22, or PP3
    Physical dimensions 138mm long and 47 mm diameter
    Weight 225 gm with alkaline battery
    Operating control Push button Start and Timer over-ride
    Indicator Green LED shows operation with good battery

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