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CTD/S4 Multiparameter Data Acquisition Instrument

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InterOcean Systems Inc. CTD's and Multiparameter Probes provide precise and simultaneous in-situ measurements, with a choice of parameters that can include Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Depth, Sound Velocity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity, Specific Ions, and Redox.The CTD/S4 is a lightweight, self-contained, intelligent water quality monitoring and recording instrument for oceanic and inland waters. Small size and light weight make the CTD/S4 ideally suited to profiling applications, and easily deployable from small vessels.

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    Standard parameters include Conductivity, Temperature and Depth. Optional Sensors available include Turbidity, OBS, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox and Sound Velocity.

    Up to 20M bytes of internal memory are available for data storage, allowing storage of 3 million C, T, and D data samples. All communication, programming and data retrieval are accomplished without opening the instrument housing via a four-pin waterproof connector.

    The CTD/S4 may be programmed for logging to internal memory or for external, real-time logging. In addition, the operating mode may be programmed to vary such characteristics as channels recorded, sampling rate, and recording interval.

    Communication with the CTD/S4 is via a standard RS232C serial link interface. The Baud-rate can be set from 300 Baud to 19,200 Baud. The scan rate for fast profiling is 10 samples per second. Data may be sent over cable 1,000 meters in length for real-time logging. Real-time logging may be accomplished using a four-conductor shielded cable.


    CTD/S4 Specifications

    Type: CMOS Microprocessor
    Timekeeping: Quartz oscillator, 12 minutes per year accuracy, non-restricted LIthium battery, five years life.
    Memory: CMOS Static RAM (with 5 year battery backup) or non-volatile Flash RAM; 64K Bytes standard (256K, 512K, 1M, or 20M Bytes optional), with capacity of 3 million C, T, and D data samples with 20M memory.
    Size: 25 cm (10 in) diameter sphere
    Weight: 11 kg (24 lbs) in air, 1.5 kg (4 lbs) in water
    Material: Fiberglass reinforced cycloaliphalic epoxy resin; Titanium; 316 SS
    Operating Temperature: -5 to + 45 deg. C
    Storage Temperature: -40 to + 70 deg. C
    Operating Depth: 1,000 m (6,000 m optional)
    Power Supply  
    Internal: Six "D" cell Alkaline or Lithium batteries
    External: 9 to 12 VDC, 90 mA max (with all options)
    Standard Sensors
    Type: Inductive
    Range: 1.0 to 70 mS
    Resolution: 0.005 mS
    Precision: +/- 0.02mS
    Time Constant: < 0.06 sec.
    Type: Platinum
    Range: -5 to + 45 deg. C
    Resolution: 0.003 deg. C
    Precision: +/- 0.02 deg. C
    Time Constant: < 0.06 sec.
    Type: Semiconductor
    Range: 0-1000 dBar
    (70 M Optional)
    Resolution: 0.06 dBar
    (4 mm with 70 M)
    Precision: +/- 0.15 % full scale
    Time Constant: < 0.06 sec.
    Calculated Parameters:
    Salinity, Density, Sound Velocity
    Optional Sensors
    Dissolved Oxygen
    Type: Polarographic
    Range: 0-20 ppm
    Resolution: 0.002 ppm
    Precision: +/- 0.1 ppm
    Time Constant: 5-10 sec.
    Sound Velocity
    Type: Sing-around
    Range: 1,200-1,600 m/sec
    Resolution: 0.01 m/sec
    Precision: +/- 0.05 m/sec
    Time Constant: 0.02 sec.
    Type: Platinum Electrode
    Range: -400 to +400 mV
    Resolution: 0.05 mV
    Precision: +/- 0.1 mV
    Time Constant: 0.05 sec.
    Type: Combination Electrode
    Range: 2-12
    Resolution: 0.001
    Precision: +/- 0.05
    Time Constant: 0.05 sec.
    Type: Transmissometer
    Range: Transmissivity 0-100%
    (0-200 JTU)
    Resolution: 0.01% full scale
    Precision: +/- 2% full scale
    Time Constant: 0.05 sec.
    Suspended Solids
    Type: OBS
    Range: 0 - 100 FTU
    (Options to 2000 FTU)
    Resolution: 0.01 FTU
    Precision: +/- 2% full scale

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