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Carousel Water Sampler SBE 32

Product code : 1489646607

SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler - An innovative design free of the reliability problems associated with motor-driven types. The Carousel has no moving-shaft seals that can bind up at low temperatures or under pressure because each bottle position has its own magnetically-activated lanyard release latch. Only the magnetic field - not a moving part - links the Carousel's lanyard release mechanism with the pylon control electronics.

More information:
  • Nhà Sản Xuât
  • Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

    Sea-Bird's Carousel has been extensively deployed throughout the world's oceans, where it has built 
    a reputation for reliability and ease of use. The Carousel has rapidly become  the standard for 
    oceanographic water sampling. 

    •  Reliable - no motors or oil-filled seals •  No interruption of CTD data or power 
    •  Drop-in replacement for existing pylons •  Easy one-handed lanyard attachment 
    •  Variety of sizes and configurations  •  Fire bottles in any order 
    •  Compatible with most CTDs   •  Programmable autonomous operation

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