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Thiết bị phân tích khí Ethylene cầm tay CI-900

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The CI-900 C2H4 gas analyzer provides accurate, real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations, in a compact package suitable for field and laboratory use. At the core of the instrument, the CI-900 uses an electrochemical sensor technology that offers extraordinary sensitivity to ethylene, with accurate readings as low as 10 ppbv in air.

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    Ethylene, a plant hormone produced in response to stress, ripening or maturity has been a useful agricultural diagnostic indicator for many decades. Traditionally, trace ethylene gas measurements were available only to those users, primarily laboratory researchers, who had access to gas chromatography or similar technologies. The CI-900 has been designed for in vivo studies conducted by field and laboratory researchers as well as post harvest cold storage facility operators who require trace C2H4 gas detection capability.

    • The CI-900 Field Kit enables researchers to collect trace ethylene data in the field
    • The new CI-900 sets the industry standard for precision measurements of ethylene
    • Non-destructive measurement
    • The CI-900 is 211mm wide x 253mm deep x 138mm high and weighs just 2.43 kg


    • High C2H4 sensitivity down to 1 ppb
    • CO2 sensing capability (optional)
    • Compact and portable form factor (2.43 kg)
    • Real-time, continuous monitoring
    • Internal data logging and storage (4GB SD card)
    • User adjustable sampling rate
    • Transflective display enables easy viewing in direct sunlight
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides 4 hours of uninterrupted field use


    C2H4 Sensor Specifications
    Sensor Type: Electrochemical
    Air Sampling Rate: 0.4 liters/min
    Sampling: Closed-loop < 3min / Open loop monitoring @ 5sec interval
    Nominal Range: 0 - 10ppm
    Resolution: 1ppb
    Accuracy: ± 5% at 20 ppb
    Display: Sunlight visible transflective graphic LCD
    Operating Environment: 5°C - 45°C (10-90% humidity non-condensing)
    Battery Capacity: 4 Hours - rechargeable Li-Ion (5000mAh)
    Dimensions: 211mm wide x 253mm deep x 138mm high
    Weight: 2.43 kg
    Enclosure: Anodized aluminum
    Warm-up Time: <5 minutes="" td="">
    CO2 Sensor Specifications
    Sensor Type: Low power Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer
    Chopping Frequency: 1Hz
    Source Life: 5000 hours
    Measuring Range: 0 to 2000 ppm (Standard) - 0 to 3000 ppm (Optional)
    Resolution: 0.1 ppm
    Repeatability: ±0.1 ppm (short term)
    Accuracy: < ± 2% up to 3000 ppm
    Sample cell: 100 mm x 10.2 mm (3.94" L x 0.40" Dia)
    Warm-up Time: <3 minutes="" td="">




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