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There are four Echotrac CV units named Echotrac CV100, Echotrac CV200, Echotrac CV300 and Echotrac CVM (Mobile). This document covers the Echotrac CV100 and will refer to this unit as “Echotrac CV”. This Echotrac CV supports one channel.

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  • Odom Hydrographic Systems, Inc.

    There are four Echotrac CV units named Echotrac CV100, Echotrac CV200, Echotrac CV300 and Echotrac CVM
    (Mobile). This document covers the Echotrac CV100 and will refer to this unit as “Echotrac CV”. This Echotrac CV
    supports one channel.
    The Echotrac CV is a hydrographic echo sounder design incorporating the cutting-edge technology, features and
    reliability of the Echotrac MKIII, plus the ease and flexibility of operation of a networked Windows® interface.
    The Echotrac CV transceiver units are supplied in a compact stand-alone package that is ideally suited to many
    shipboard installations. The Echotrac CV supports Chart-functionality in one optional format, a full size color LCD
    “electronic chart”. The “electronic chart” is supplied in flexible modular enclosures complete with swivel mounting
    hardware. A second option, that of operating the unit and collecting data on a networked PC, is also possible.
    The optional color LCD module offers internal data storage (in .XTF format) and playback of the analog return
    signal digitized to full 16-bit resolution. The Echotrac CV features a robust design and frequency agility enabling
    the operator to precisely match the transceiver to almost any existing transducer. Operator selectable TVG
    curves (10 Log, 20 Log, 30 Log, 40 Log, and Off) serve to optimise the Echotrac for shallow bottom detection
    tasks and for Sonar imaging. The Echotrac CV features unsurpassed interfacing flexibility, offering 4 serial ports
    that can be configured to interface with computers, positioning systems, motion reference units and remote
    displays. The Echotrac CV also has an Ethernet port that outputs the 16 bit samples of the acoustic data for
    further processing or visualization. The Echotrac CV also supports a number of output formats that are compatible
    with most common Echo Sounder strings.
    To learn about the features of the Echotrac CV, this document is structured as a step by step manual; covering
    the Echotrac CV as a product, how to install the software and the equipment, how to use all the different control
    settings, how to perform certain procedures, how cables are wired to their connectors and troubleshooting.
    Some of the major changes as of version 4.00 are:
    - Replacement of the Echotrac Control Program with Odom eChart, a graphical data acquisition program.
    Because the Echotrac Control Program 4.00 will become obsolete, it does not support some of the major
    changes such as faster synchronization and adapting to the sounder’s hardware configuration.
    - Faster synchronization due to improved communication protocol.
    - Automatic detection of sounder(s) on the network and adapting to the sounder’s hardware configuration.
    • High Band: 100 kHz-750 kHz
    • Low Band: 24 kHz-50 kHz
    Output Power
    • Up to 200 watts RMS
    Input Power
    • 12 to 24 VDC 30 watts
    • 0.01m / 0.1 ft.
    • 0.01m / 0.10 ft. +/- 0.1% of depth @
    200 kHz
    • 0.10m / 0.30 ft. +/- 0.1% of depth @
    33 kHz
    Depth Range
    • 0.2 – 600m / 0.5 – 600 ft.
    Chart Scales
    • 5,10,20,40,80,100,200,400,800m
    • 15,30,60,120,240,300,600,1200,
    • Automatic scale change, 10%,20%,
    30% overlap or Manual
    LCD Display
    • 15 inch TFT Screen
    • Sunlight Readable
    • Internal Data Storage in XTF format
    on 40GB Hard Disk
    • Data Transfer via Ethernet interface
    or USB Flash Drive
    Sound Velocity
    • 1370 – 1700 m/s
    • Resolution 1 m/s
    Transducer Draft Setting
    • 0 – 15m (0 – 50 ft.)
    Depth Display
    • On control PC and LCD display
    • Internal battery backed time,
    elapsed time, and date clock
    • Internal – date, time, GPS position
    • External – from RS232 port
    • 4 x RS232 and 1 x RS422 serial
    ports, baud rate selectable 4800-
    • Inputs from external computer,
    motion sensor, sound velocity.
    • Outputs to external computer,
    remote display
    • Outputs with LCD chart – VGA
    video out
    • Ethernet interface
    • Heave – TSS1 and sounder
    • 0 to full scale
    • Desktop
    • Echotrac Control supplied
    • ChartView supplied with LCD
    Environmental Operating Conditions
    • 0°– 50° C, 5 – 90% relative
    humidity, Non-condensing
    • 28cm (11”) x 23cm (9”) W x
    11.5cm (4.5”) D
    • 5 kg (11 lbs.)
    • Remote Display
    • Side Scan Transducer – single or
    dual channel side looking 200 kHz
    for 340kHz for search and

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