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The MB2 Multibeam Echosounder is developed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels and is optimized for shallow water survey companies, port and harbor authorities, dredging companies, and other users looking for an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy high-resolution system.

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    As an option MB2 can be supplied with an integrated IMU and GPS heading system as well as an integrated real-time SVP sensor to simplify installation and calibration, making the MB2 perfect for use on vessels of opportunity, small survey launches, and ASVs. MB2 features a dedicated cylindrical transmit array and broad range of sounding frequencies improving on the performance of the MB1 by offering a wider coverage and narrower acoustic beam. Using both amplitude and phase bottom detection, the MB2 is capable of sounding a swath of up to 140° in up to 110m water depth. With 24 bit raw data, both water column and seabed information can be collected within the controller software. The Real Time Appliance (RTA) synchronizes all of the sensors with accuracy better than 0.1ms. 

    Frequency (KHz)                           User selectable, 200 - 460 
    Swath width                                   User selectable, 10° - 140° 
    Acoustic beam width                      Along track 1.8° x 1.8° across track 
    Range resolution (cm)                    2 
    Pulse width                                     User selectable, optionally tied to range
    A/D                                                 24 bit
    Maximum ping rate                         60Hz 
    Number of beams                          User selectable, 10-256 
    Maximum sounding depth (Nadir)  200m 
    Bottom detection method                Amplitude and phase 
    Data products                                  Bathymetry, water column backscatter, snippets, sidescan, real time uncertainty 
    Dimensions (head)                           267mm (10.51in) L, 152mm (5.98in) W, 206mm (8.10in) H Dimensions (RTA)                            286mm (11.25in) L, 260mm (10.25in) W, 140mm (5.50in) H 
    Weight in air                                      11.0kg/24.3lb sonar head only 12.0kg/26.5lb with SVP 70
    Weight in water                                  4.1kg/9.0lb sonar head only 4.8kg/10.6lb with SVP 70 
    Power requirement                               12-30VDC, 15W-30W depending on the option 

                                                                   Maximum deployment depth 100m 
                                                                   MB2 Sonar operating temperature -5 to +35°C 
     Environmental                                       MB2 Sonar storage temperature -20 to +55°C 
                                                                   RTA operating temperature -5 to +50°C 
                                                                   RTA storage temperature -20 to +65°C

                                                                    Phase and amplitude detection 
                                                                    Real time roll raw data and stabilization 
                                                                    Software included allowing setup, control, replay of raw data,  Included features                                     and full data quality monitoring
                                                                     ser-defined beam distribution - equidistant or equiangular                                                                          Ping rates up to 60H

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