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The Argonaut-XR offers exceptional value for current profiling applications. Its small size, rugged build quality, and flexible system architecture make the Argonaut-XR very attractive for both real-time operation as well as autonomous deployments.

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  • SonTek and Argonaut are registered trademarks of YSI Inc.

    The Argonaut-XR offers exceptional value for current profiling applications. Its small size, rugged build quality, and flexible system architecture make the Argonaut-XR very attractive for both real-time operation as well as autonomous deployments. SonTek’s exclusive MultiCell feature allows you to preprogram 10 fixedvelocity cells wherever you want, then an 11th dynamic cell can be set to automatically change its position or size as the water level changes.The basic autonomous system includes batteries, internal recorder, compass/tilt sensor, pressure and temperature sensors. Adding options such as the SonWave package, or a CT sensor, make the Argonaut-XR

    Water Velocity
    n Range: ±6m/s (20 ft/s)
    n Resolution: 0.1 cm/s
    n Accuracy: (0.003 ft/s) ±1% of measured
    velocity, ±0.5 cm/s
    Standard Features
    n MultiCell feature (10 water velocity cells plus
    an 11th automatically adjusting cell)
    n Three-beam transducer for measuring 3D
    water velocity
    n Integrated piezoresistive pressure sensor
    (0.1% accuracy)
    n Reflected echo intensity output
    n SDI-12 (with a limited set of output
    n Mounting plate for easy installation
    n RS 232 communication protocol
    n ViewArgonaut Windows software for real time
    data collection, data retrieval, deployment,
    diagnostics and processing
    n Flexible sampling strategies for reduced duty
    cycle operation and extended deployments of
    over 1 year
    n Internal memory (stores over 20,000 samples)
    n Compass/two-axis tilt sensor
    n Temperature sensor on exposed titanium pin for
    fast response
    Optional Features
    n External battery pack for autonomous operation
    n RS422 output
    n RPT Pressure sensor (20 m max depth)
    n Integrated CT sensor
    n SonWave real-time non-directional wave
    spectra package
    Temperature Sensor
    n Resolution: 0.01°C
    n Accuracy: ±0.1°C
    Compass/Tilt Sensor
    n Resolution: Heading, Pitch, Roll 0.1°
    n Accuracy: Heading ±0.5°
    n Accuracy: Pitch, Roll ±1°
    n Built-in calibration procedure to compensate
    for ambient magnetic fields
    Physical & Environmental
    n Depth rating: 200m
    (pressure sensor dependant)
    n Dimensions: 15.2 cm (6.0 in.) diameter by
    18.0 cm (7.1 in.) height
    n Weight in air: 2.5 kg (5.5 lb.)
    n Weight in water: -0.3 kg (-0.7 lb.)
    n Operating Temperature: -5° to 40°C
    n Storage Temperature: -10° to 50°C
    n Input power: 7-15 V DC
    n Typical power consumption: 0.2 to 0.3 W
    (continuous operation); 0.01W (stand-by)
    n Battery capacity (alkaline): 500 W-hr

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