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The RG20 is a compact, robust, automatic rain gauge. It consists of an inbuilt tipping bucket rain gauge sensor,Windows software, data logger, rechargeable battery, and solar panel. The rain gauge automatically sends its information to the data logger, which processes and stores the data in its memory. The data is then available for collection by personal computer either onsite or remotely via telemetry.

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    Sensor TypeTipping bucket mechanism
    Hall Effect Sensor
    Measurement Unitsmm
    Operating RangeUp to 450mm per hour
    Funnel Diameter203mm
    Data stored into 3 independent memory areas. 104K
    battery backed RAM -stores a total of 35,000 readings including date and time stamps.
    System Indicator
    1 second flash -Communicating
    2 Second flash -Normal
    4 Second flash –Attention required
    6 volt 3.0AH internal sealed rechargeable gel cell -
    capacity for 6 weeks operation without sunlight.
    Power Consumption
    3 mA in operation mode. 50mA while communicating.
    Provision to Log an Extra Sensor
    The RG20 can also collect data from one external
    sensor. This can be any other weather or
    environmental sensor. Data can be collected into the
    same memory as the rainfall data, or into a separate
    Hall Effect Sensing
    The RG20 is supplied with an electronic (Hall Effect) detector. This means reliable performance with no limit to operational life.
    Solar Panel
    1.0 watt panel -maintains battery with three hours' bright sunshine per day.

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