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Pulse is a borehole sparker, developed for generating compressional P-wave energy in water-filled wells. This type of source is typically used for crosshole seismic testing (CST) and vertical seismic profiling (VSP) acquisitions. In combination with Jack energy source it provides stable signal shape with high frequency energy spectrum.

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    Jack energy source generates a short high-voltage electric pulse of considerable energy, which ensures the formation of ionized high-pressure gas-vapor cavities on the electrode group of the Pulse sparker, placed in a container with salt water. With explosive expansion of the gas-vapor cavity, the pressure in it rapidly decreases, resulting in a precipitate drop in the temperature, vapor condensation and subsequent collapse of the cavity, what does not lead to parasitic pulsations. The design of the source provides easy replacement of electrode groups. Electrode groups may contain various number of electrodes, which allows to modify wavelet shape and its amplitude spectrum during the survey.

    The standard diameters of the containers are 36 / 60 / 80 mm, thus allowing operations in wells with diameters starting from 40 mm. It is important to understand that in order to provide a stable pulse of high energy and a significant operational life of the source, a sufficient volume of the container and the number of electrodes greater than 25 are necessary. We have developed special type of electrodes from unique material that prevents tips from wearing and provides exceptionally stable signature over a long time period. 


    Pulse sources are shipped on geophysical reels equipped with high-voltage slip rings. Thus, one does not need to disconnect the source from an energy source during operations of winding / unwinding the cable.

    The set includes:
    • Pulse source
    • Power cable
    • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
    • Wire to connect a reel and a energy source
    • Operating voltage up to 6000 V
      Operating energy up to 1500 J (optionally: up to 500 J, up to 2500 J)
      Well diameters from 70 mm (optionally: from 40 mm)
      Diameter 60 mm (optionally: 36 mm, 80 mm)
      Length 500 mm
      Dimensions on a reel 800 × 700 × 400 mm
      Weight with a reel and a 100 m cable appr. 75 kg

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