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Thiết bị chụp hình rễ cây CI-600

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Root development and function are vitally important for plant adaptation to the environment. The understanding of root biology is critically necessary to facilitate the improvement of crop performance, especially in the face of environmental constraints. The CI-600 is the only instrument available that enables researchers to capture non-destructive, high resolution, digital images to observe the development and function of a plant’s root system.

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  • Nhà Sản Xuât
  • CID Bio-Sciencie

    • Provides a high-resolution underground color image of living roots in the soil
    • Enables observation of root growth and behavior over time; one or multiple growing seasons
    • Portable and field ready for fast accurate root and soil images


    • Super high-resolution image up to 23.5 million pixels
    • Linear scanning with no distortion
    • Each scan provides a 360-degree image (21.59 × 19.56cm)
    • Very portable and quick operation
    • Allows observing root growth and behavior during an entire growing season or longer
    • USB interface for laptop computer image storage
    • CI-601/602 enables unmanned long term remote root image monitoring


    • Scanner Resolution: Maximum 600dpi - up to 23.5 million pixels
    • Image Size: 21.6W × 19.6L cm (8.5W × 7.7L in)
    • Scan Speed: 5 to 15 seconds - depending on scanning resolutions
    • Interface: USB port
    • Power Supply: Computer USB port
    • Scan Head Dimensions: 34.3cm long × 6.4cm diameter
    • Standard Clear Tube Dimensions: 6.4cm inner diameter × 105cm length (2.5 inches × 41 inches); custom lengths available upon request
    • Scanner Unit Weight: 750g

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