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Nồi hấp tiệt trùng hai cửa 3800P series

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Automatic Control System provides strict control of sterilize temperature, time, pressure, etc

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    There are 3 Pre-Programmed Cycle
    that can process various load types in
    this sterilizer.
    Cycle Progresses Automatically through pulse
    vacuum, sterilizing, exhaust, vacuum drying and
    venting phases.
    Sterilize Temperature can be set from 121°C to
    134°C on digital temperature controller.
    Sterilizing Time and Drying Time can be set from
    0 ~ 99 minutes on digital sterilizing timer and drying
    Timer starts only after the pre-set temperature is
    reached, ensuring complete sterilization.
    Illuminated Pilot Lamps display status and a
    buzzer announces the completion and cuts off the
    heating power source.
    Large Diameter of Chamber Pressure Gauge
    and Jacket Pressure Gauge
     makes ideal require
    reading and indicate high precision and consistent
    Integral Steam Generator is equipped with a high
    efficient immersion heater and automatic feed water
    device to supply steam to sterilizer.
    Vacuum System Controlled and Monitored
    Pulse Vacuum and Drying Phases
    conditions loads of various size and density reducing
    total sterilization time.
    System Includes a condenser and water ejector.
    Steam Trap discharges condensate from chamber to
    obtain effective saturated steam.
    An Effective HEPA Air Filter is used to prevent
    contaminated air from entering into the chamber.
    Chamber Door is manually operated and actuated by
    rotating the door handle.
    Silicone Rubber Sealing Gasket is applied to an
    even pressure door seal.
    Cylindrical Chamber provides a large capacity to
    satisfy wide range of sterilization processing needs.
    Chamber is made of high quality SUS #316 stainless
    steel with polished surface.
    A Double Layer Construction is thermally
    insulated with foil backed fiberglass insulation.

    Cycle Does Not Start unless chamber is properly
    lock also door-unlock signal is displayed on the
    control panel.
    Door Safety Locking Device keep door from being
    opened while chamber is pressurized during cycle.
    Safety Valve release steam in case of excessive
    chamber pressure.
    High temperature deviation in jacket actuates protective
     cuts off the heating power source immediately.
    Low water level in steam generator will actuate audible
    alarm and protective device
     cuts off the heating
    source immediately.
    Circuit breaker and fuse protects control units when
    short circuit or overload occurs.
    Emergency manual exhaust to vent the chamber
    and remove the load in the event of a power outage.







    Chamber Size

    ø450 x D 950mm.

    ø500 x D 1000mm.

    ø600 x D 1000mm.

    ø700 x D 1200mm


    151 Liters

    196 Liters

    283 Liters

    462 Liters

    Door Operation

    Manual Single Door

    Temp. Controller

    LED Digital Control

    Max. Operating Temp.


    Steam Generator Power

    12 KW

    18 KW

    24 KW

    Sterilizing Time

    0 ~ 99 minutes

    Drying Time

    0 ~ 99 minutes


    AC 220v / AC 380v , 50Hz. / 60Hz. , 1PH / 3PH


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