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SHock is a unique borehole source, which is designed for generating horizontally polarised Shear Waves (SH) and Compressional Waves (P) for reversed Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and Crosshole Seismic Testing or Tomography (CST). Shock is an easy-to-operate high-repeatable seismic source, which can be used both in dry and water-filled wells in combination with Jack Energy Source.

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    A rigid pneumo-electric line provides accurate source rotation in the well for generating shots with opposite SH-wave polarization for further signal-to-noise ratio enhancement during the processing and possibility to clearly identify S-waves by reversed polarity. Due to its electrodynamical nature, SHock generates high frequency energy pulse, which results in high resolution seismic gathers suitable for very accurate first break picking and providing very detailed VSP seismic sections.


    To provide fast infield seismic borehole acquisition, SHock source is supplied on a reel with a high-voltage slip ring and pneumatic fitting. It allows to acquire seismic data without need of disconnecting the energy source and compressor during winding the cable.

    SHock standard set includes:
    • SHock source
    • Pneumo-electric line
    • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
    • Reel and energy source connection wire
    • Air compressor (option)

    To perform CST on P and S waves following equipment is required:
    1. Jack Energy Source
    2. GStreamer with the seismograph (DAQlink4)
    3. RadExPro for data processing and ZondST2d/ZondST3d for tomography inversion.
    Operating voltageup to 6000 VOperating energyup to 1500 JWell diameters70 - 140 mmDiameter65 mmLength970 mmDimensions on a reel570 × 550 × 650 mmWeight with a reel and a 130 m pneumo-electric line93 kg

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